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CashMount is a cost-effective web-based debt collecting software that automates and simplifies the management of debt collections and accounts receivables. Cash Mount provides the efficiency, insights, workflow and transparency required for collection operations enabling a 360-degree view of collectables. It integrates with the ERP system eliminating any major data entry.

Accurate in collecting information

Cashmount enables users to retrieve Account Receivable records on the basis of days, weeks or months.

Integrated collections process

Cashmount tracks promises-to-pay and tasks and reminders for every account and collection effort.

Automated Process

It is designed to eliminate manual intervention. It calls to your client automatic or sends them reminder emails whenever it is required.

Easy integration with CRM tools

It’s easy to plug-n-play Cashmount with leading ERP & Accounting systems; it has a provision to integrate with IP Telephony (on demand).

Saves time and improves efficiency

Automation of account receivables reduces the burden on your shoulder. It means you have more time and energy to manage real productive tasks.

CashMount Collection management process

ERP system

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Accounts receivable is the lifeline of any business dealing with credits. Managing it effectively can grow your business substantially.

CashMount Facilitates For Better Work Environment

Improve the percentage of owed receivables captured by making collections communication easier with integrated collections messaging and message process. Records/account lookup and filtering, the ease with which the AP database can be searched and filtered can better the effectiveness of company bill collection efforts. Cashmount AR software can improve the efficiency of the process and the management of associated data.
Automated Process
Debt collection
Improves Efficiency

Cashmount AR software can improve the efficiency of the process and the management of associated data.

digitalize accounts receivable
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Most Affordable software for your accounting needs

It decreases the labor costs associated with recording and collection of payments due to automation and better efficiency. It Increases the percentage of owed receivables captured via standardization and refinement of best collection practices (user can define timetables for escalation matrix, alerts for late payments, etc). Make more cash available to the business by decreasing the average time customers take to pay.
Enterprise Package
Dedicated Office Package