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CashMount provides the right tools to ensure that the invoices are adequately tracked for payments – rules and strategies workflows in system enables to determine, WHO, WHEN & HOW to undertake the collection task.
Accurate in collecting information

Cashmount enables users to retrieve Account Receivable records on the basis of days, weeks or months. You can find out past trends and make a comparison.

Generates aging report

Cashmount’s Rules-based Collections strategy automatically prioritizes and assigns collections activities to receivable accountants based on predefined business rules.

Integrated collections process

Cashmount tracks promises-to-pay and tasks and reminders for every account and collection effort.

Automated Process

It is designed to eliminate manual intervention. It calls to your client automatic or sends them reminder emails whenever it is required.

Ensures adequate correspondence

Cashmount triggers automated email correspondence as per predefined logics during follow-ups.

Easy integration with CRM tools

It’s easy to plug-n-play Cashmount with leading ERP & Accounting systems; it has a provision to integrate with IP Telephony (on demand).

Track and manage disputes efficiently

It keeps the record of scheduled phone calls for staff, manages disputes, tracks conversations and payment promises. This record helps in case any dispute arises in the future.

Saves time and improves efficiency

Automation of account receivables reduces the burden on your shoulder. It means you have more time and energy to manage real productive tasks. As you know saving time is saving money.

Recurring billing support

Cashmount enables customers to set up a recurring payment method. This betters collections time and decreases follow-up time efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are running a business (we are compatible with any size of business – big, small or medium) and interested. Call our helpline/Cell or drop us an email. We will arrange a demo for you.

Once purchased, we will create SQL Views of your data remotely / visiting the client by which CashMOUNT can connect to providing direct integration to your SQL data.
CashMOUNT project is dependent on number of modules to be implemented and requirements to be accomplished. Usually, implementation gets delayed due to failure in understanding two things— “Must have” and “Nice to have” aspects. If everything ready , a basic installation would take around 7 working days
It accelerates collection operations by proactively driving the users to accomplish the results. It’s a value addition to the existing investment in ERP by extending the invoices to automated collection workflows for efficiently closing the O to C cycle (Order to Cash).
Yes. CashMOUNT can be integrated with ERP where all the contacts can be imported.
Yes. Cash MOUNTcan be accessed from anywhere. Most importantly, Cash MOUNT is browser independent, database independent and platform independent (Can run on all browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Netscape, Opera etc). Database Independent: Is compatible with most of the common RDBMS like MSSQL, Oracle and MySQL.
CashMOUNT is designed based on role based access and privileges.